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Links to my articles, grouped by topics.

I’ve been a writer of Medium since January 2020, with more than 70+ articles on Medium. I am also an early career researcher and aim to also publish more in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

This is where you can find links to my top published articles in one place, and find your interest. For scientific publications, please follow me at Research Gate.

Topics include Weight Management, Protein, Fat, Appetite, Cardiometabolic Health, Fitness, and Plant-Based Eating.

Weight Management

Why Do We Gain Weight Each Year? Science Explains.

Should Women Diet Differently Than Men?

Who Gains 15 Pounds in the First Year of College?

Can Overweight and Health Coexist? Science Explains.

Re-evaluating The Rate Weight Loss and Weight Regain.

Can Today’s Genetic Test Predict Future Obesity?

How to Minimise Losing Lean Mass During Intentional Weight Loss?

What Does Research Say About Holiday Weight Gain? Science Explains.


Why Not Move Some Protein From Dinner To Breakfast? Science Explains.

Two Common Mistakes Turn A High-Protein Diet ‘Junky’. Science Explains.

Does Protein Damage Our Kidney? Science Explains.

Protein Sources and Intake: Deciphering New Zealanders’ Diet.

Protein Beverage: From Gyms To Supermarkets, And Picked Up By Adolescents.

Be Fit Or Long-Lived: High-Protein For Fitness; Protein-Restriction For Longevity?

Does Eating Dietary Collagen Build Body Collagen?

Lab-Grown Meat: 2 Simple Questions We Must Ask Before Accepting It.

What Happens To Your Brain If You Snack On Protein Shakes? Science Explains.

Plant Protein Combinations That Boost Protein Quality.

Have We Over-Emphasised The Importance of Protein Quality in Developed World?


Is Saturated Fat Bad For Heart? Debates And Consensus.

How Defecation May Play A Part In Lowering Blood Cholesterol? Science Explains.

Media is Overselling the Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Oil.


Mukbang (Livestream eating): Influences on Mind, Body and Soul

Why Ultra-Processed Food Causes Over-Eating? Science Explains.

Losing Appetite During An Infection May Be A Biological Adaptation.

Three Phases of Appetite Regulation And The Hurdles To Successful Appetite Control.

How Satiating Is A Fiber-Boosted High-Fat Meal? Science Explains.

Is Hunger Related To A Drop In Blood Sugar? Science Explains.

How Satiating is Protein? Science Explains.

What Are The Qualities of Hunger-Suppressing Food? Science Explains.

10% of People with Obesity Never Felt Satiated

Cardiometabolic Health

What Is A Healthier Lunch After Skipping Breakfast? Science Explains.

Why Is Diabetes Causing Complications From Head To Foot? Science Explains.

Swapping Real Meat To Plant-Based Alternative Meat For Heart Health — Study Finds.

Is Whey Protein Suitable For Patients With Type-2 Diabetes? Science Explains.

Advice To Walk After Meals: An Important Message For Diabetics.


Why Eat Less and Be Sedentary Is Not Ideal for Health? Science Explains.

Should You Slow or Hasten Your Metabolic Rate for Longevity?

Study Showed How To Break The Vicious Anorexia-Sarcopenia Cycle Of Ageing.

Plant-Based Eating

Nutritionist Reviewed 53 Mock Meat Products in New Zealand.



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JJ Lim, PhD

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